Sunday, June 27, 2004

"Schwarzenegger reverses stand on waiting period for killing strays" !!!
[Feral Cat Blog! Note:
Also see entries June 25 and 26 under California Alerts. For dozens of news articles nationwide on this topic, do a news search on Schwarzenegger!]

It should be a case of let-live for mountain lions
San Francisco Chronicle, CA

Maybe we need to call it the Florida cougar
Orlando Sentinel (subscription), FL

Shelters littered with spring kittens seek good homes
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA

When Cats Come Calling
Access North Georgia, GA

SPCA struggling with increase in cats, kittens
Wairarapa Times Age, New Zealand

The forefronts
A visitor to the Slater garden cannot walk through without being followed by family felines. Louna has made the garden creature-friendly, even building hideaway homes under the porch where stray cats can find shelter and including plants and trees such as the Mulberry to help feed the birds.
Toronto Star, Canada

Pensioner distraught over vanishing cats
Sunday Times, South Africa

Opportunities around the area
... volunteering: Fund-raising/research and grant writing; providing education;
information/referral to county/city residents on trap/neuter/return process;
public ...
York Daily Record - York, PA, USA

Alachua County Holds All-Cat Adopt-A-Thon
They're striving to make Alachua County a no-kill community one pet adoption
at a time. ... That's what it will take to make us a no-kill community."....
WCJB - Gainesville, FL, USA

Animal rescuer wants to open humane shelter
... as a way to "educate the community about spaying and neutering their
pets," as well as national initiatives such as "trap, neuter and release"
for feral cats. ...
New Brunswick Home News Tribune - New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Tammany feral-cat rescue group seeks volunteers
... But she said the volunteers who trap feral cats, get them treated by
vets and either keep them, hoping they will be adopted, or release them
again, have their ...
Times Picayune - New Orleans, LA, USA

39 Girl Scouts reach highest level
... Judith Jolly, 17, led a community education program to recruit adult
volunteers to be trained to trap feral cats to be sterilized and released
back into ...
Charlotte Observer (subscription) - Charlotte, NC, USA

Animal officer seeks bylaw to license town's felines
... 'Cat licensing and cat regulation is a good idea, but they have to
look at it closely," Giacoppo said. ... 'We are definitely for cat licensing,"
he said. ...
Boston Globe - Boston, MA, USA

Vox Populi: "Irresponsible people who don't spay or neuter their ...
... Irresponsible people who don't spay or neuter their pets should be
forced to watch their unwanted pets being euthanized.". "Thank ...
Savannah Morning News - Savannah, GA, USA

Tribune editorial: Governments must address overpopulation
... While many pet owners would object to the licensing requirement as
excessive government intrusion, the overpopulation problem, in addition
to becoming an ...
Fort Pierce Tribune - Fort Pierce, FL, USA

Shelter is animals' best friend
... Another is to solve pet overpopulation by spaying and neutering so
that euthanasia of healthy animals becomes a thing of the past. ...
Times Picayune - New Orleans, LA, USA