Thursday, May 12, 2005

Way to USE the news, Robin!

Colony gets a cleaned-up catacomb
Owners of Henrico shopping center give about 30 feral cats a cleaner place to call home
Richmond Times Dispatch, VA
But the cleanup is just a temporary measure. More work is needed, said Robin Robertson Starr, chief executive officer of the Richmond SPCA, who has been working with Wilton to solve the cat problem.
Starr volunteered her services after reading about Cat City in The Times-Dispatch.
Her goal she said was to find a way to ensure that the cats "do not lose their lives."
"This colony has really been cared for and maintained the way feral cat colonies should be," she said. "They have devoted caregivers who trapped most of them, brought them to spay neuter clinics. . . . They are almost entirely spayed/neutered and inoculated."
The problem, however, is that soon the area that the cats call home will be cleared, Starr said.
"What we are trying to do is find a nearby place to move the cats," Starr said, adding that they have about two months to do so. "Wilton has been very cooperative with us."
[Feral Cat Blog! Note:
“Starr volunteered her services after reading about Cat City in The Times-Dispatch.”
This is just one example of infinite ways to USE the news to save animal lives!]