Saturday, August 05, 2006

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Column: Be concerned, but cautious about cat's diagnosis
Norwich Bulletin, Connecticut - August 5, 2006
... Kittens and cats younger than 2 are the most common victims of FIP, followed by seniors. FIP rarely occurs with adult, middle-aged felines. ...

Cat population has exploded Orphans overwhelming shelters, Michigan - Aug 5, 2006
... Zimmer Foundation, an Ann Arbor-based organization that operates various programs related to cat welfare, including an effort to sterilize feral or wild cats.

Learn more
Ann Arbor News, Michigan - Aug 5, 2006
For more information about stray cats, feral colony management, or help with funding sterilization and vaccination of outdoor cats or pet cats in families with ...

Tails of Marin
Marin Independent-Journal, California - Aug 5, 2006
In fact, it's estimated that tens of millions of feral cats populate communities in the United States, and Marin is no exception. ...

Volunteers corral displaced tenants' catsFinger Lakes Times, New York - Aug 4, 2006
... Dave LeClair then made some calls and got in touch with Robyn Lenk of Feral Cat Friends, a Weedsport-based group that helps wild and abandoned cats. ...