Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New England Federation Humane April 2012 Conference > Feral or freeroaming cats

From my files February 13, 2012:

New England Federation of Humane Societies 2012 Conference
April 14-16, 2012, Mystic Marriott, Mystic, Connecticut

[selected cat-related tracks, always read entire (download pdf)New England Fed 2012 Conference Program]

Targeted Spay/Neuter: How, Why & Where to Find the Funding - Bryan Kortis, PetSmart Charities
Spaying and neutering works to reduce free-roaming cat as well as owned cat and dog populations, but only if it is done correctly. One key to success is properly targeting available resources, including spay and neuter surgeries, volunteers and funds. In this workshop, we’ll discuss why targeting is now the cutting edge in the Trap/Neuter/Return and spay/neuter fields, how to go about doing it effectively and applying for PetSmart Charities’ High Impact Spay/Neuter grants.

Feral or Frightened Cat? Research that Helps You Decide! - Dr. Margaret Slater, ASPCA
Do you have feral cats coming in to your shelter? Are you sure they aren’t just frightened? How do shelter professionals tell the difference between unsocialized or frightened but socialized cats? We will explore the problems in making these distinctions, and common methods of doing so in animal shelters. We will introduce new research results regarding the validity of these assessments, and share information to help your shelter decide how to handle your incoming cats to achieve best live outcomes for them.
Topics include:
Discussion of the issues in assessing cat socialization in a shelter setting
Results of a national survey on how shelters determine if cats are socialized
Research on the validity and ability to predict socialization using different assessments
The transformation of this validation work into a possible scoring system for use in shelters
Further efforts in this area to help shelters make this difficult decision

Naked ... Data
Research Results in Feline Lives Saved
Dr. Emily Weiss, ASPCA